NOOK Tablet hacks: Flash a custom ROM or boot Ubuntu to restore OS 1.4.0

2012-Jan-30 | Tags: installtabletubuntu

Linux on ARMNOOK Tablet hackers have added a few new tools to their arsenal this weekend. Developer Cobroto has put together one of the first custom ROMs for the tablet, while developer AdamOutler has put together a rather impressive tool based on Ubuntu Linux which you can use to reformat the NOOK Tablet and roll back from OS 1.4.1 or later to NOOK Tablet OS 1.4.0.

Now that hackers have figured out how to make the NOOK Tablet boot from an SD card, we’ve seen some pretty nifty tools. You can root the tablet with an SD card or install ClockworkMod Recovery (although there’s an even easier way to install CWM without a bootable SD card at all).

But AdamOutler is trying to go even further and convince the NOOK Tablet to run Ubuntu 11.10 Linux as an alternative to the B&N version of Google Android. He’s had limited success since so far the newest Linux kernel he’s been able to boot is 2.6 and it will take a 3.0 or later kernel to add full touchscreen support.

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