Qt Quick Performance Improvements on 64-bit ARM

2018-Apr-24 | Tags: 64bitbenchmarkdevelopmentversus

Linux on ARMOne of our major goals for Qt 5.9 LTS was to improve the performance and memory consumption compared to our previous long-term-support release Qt 5.6 LTS. In this blog post, I want to highlight the performance increase in modern embedded processors that support the 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set.

The result: Qt 5.9.5 Qt Quick performance has improved 2x, and JavaScript performance is a whopping 18 times higher compared to Qt 5.6.3.

When Qt 5.9 LTS was launched, I wrote a blog post about Qt 5.9 performance, providing an overview of some of the areas with improved performance. These improvements benefit Qt users across all operating systems and processor architectures. The different processors and operating systems have unique characteristics that cause slight variations, but performance has practically always increased overall. In other words: With a new Qt version, you get more power out of an existing system. Performance improvements benefit both the users aiming to create an even fancier UI for their high-end system, as well as those who can now run Qt on lower-end hardware than before.

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Linux on ARM