GNOME 3.30 Desktop Environment Receives Support for ARM64 Hardware Architectures

2018-May-26 | Tags: 64bitcompatibility

Linux on ARMGNOME Project's Javier Jardón announced today via an email notice the availability of the second development snapshot of the upcoming GNOME 3.30 desktop environment.

GNOME 3.29.2 has been released today as the second of four development snapshots towards the GNOME 3.30 desktop environment, due for release this fall. It comes five weeks after the first snapshot, GNOME 3.29.1, with even more improvements and new features across various components.

One of the most exciting new features that landed during this development cycle is support for building the GNOME desktop environment for ARM64 (AArch64) architectures, which would allow it to run on various ARM hardware, including the upcoming Librem 5 Linux smartphone from Purism.

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