LLVM Gets ARMv8.4 Enablement, GCC Gets Cortex-A76 Support

2018-Jun-29 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopment

Linux on ARMIt's been another busy week in compiler land for ARM. First up, the GCC compiler now officially supports the Cortex-A76. The A76 is the new Cortex processor announced back in May for yielding much better performance and efficiency, especially for AI and machine learning.

Thanks to Kyrylo Tkachov of ARM, that support has landed. The Cortex-A76 is now officially supported and targeting this CPU enables ARMv8.2-A with dotproduct and FP16 support. The cortex-a76 is supported for mcpu/mtune options as well as cortex-a76.cortex-a55 if using a SoC where the A76 cores are paired with the smaller A55 cores.

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Linux on ARM