Fedora 29 For ARM Eyeing ZRAM Support, ARMv7 UEFI Booting

2018-Jul-04 | Tags: compatibilityfedora

Linux on ARMWhen it comes to the growing number of changes slated for Fedora 29, while most of the feature plans benefit all supported CPU architectures, there are also some ARM-specific improvements planned.

There are two main ARM feature proposals so far for Fedora 29: enabling ZRAM for ARMv7/AArch64 and using UEFI for ARMv7 device booting.

The ZRAM plans are about using ZRAM for SWAP on ARMv7/ARMv8 to improve the performance and reliability, particularly for ARM boards with limited amounts of RAM. ZRAM (formerly compcache) supports dynamically creating a compressed block device within RAM which would be used as the SWAP...

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Linux on ARM