Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion for Raspberry Pi, stable release

2018-Aug-12 | Tags: other_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMWe are proud to announce a new major stable release of the Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion ARM port, optimized for the Raspberry Pi series of single board computers. It is based on the latest stable Raspbian Stretch distribution and Trinity desktop R14.0.5 version. Q4OS is one of a few distributions offering the full desktop environment on the ARM architecture.

Feel free to download the Q4OS RPI image from the Downloads section of the Q4OS website and install it on a SD card, please read the Installation guide. It's possible to buy preinstalled SD card in our e-shop too.

Q4OS on Raspberry Pi performs at lightning speed due to its exceptionaly low hardware requirements. All the native Q4OS features, for example 'Desktop profiler' and 'Setup tool', are available and fully functional within the Raspberry Pi Q4OS edition.

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Linux on ARM