64-bit ARM Changes For Linux 4.19 Has "A Bunch Of Good Stuff"

2018-Aug-15 | Tags: 64bitkernel

Linux on ARMWill Deacon submitted the 64-bit ARM (ARM64/AArch64) changes on Tuesday for the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window. The 64-bit ARM space on Linux remains as busy as ever. For this next kernel cycle, Deacon characterized the changes as "a bunch of good stuff in here." That good 64-bit ARM stuff for Linux 4.19 includes:

- ARM64 support for the new GCC STACKLEAK plug-in that was merged into gcc-plugins for Linux 4.19. The STACKLEAK compiler plug-in is able to fend off possible flaws/attacks pertaining to uninitialized stack usage, stack content leaking, and stack exhaustion/guard-page skipping. This mainline kernel STACKLEAK was ported from old GrSecurity/PaX code.

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Linux on ARM