$265 Spark Linux-based tablet shipping in May (pre-order in Feb)

2012-Feb-02 | Tags: other_linuxsparktabletvivaldi

Linux on ARMThe Spark is a 7 inch tablet with an open source Linux-based operating system and an open platform for apps, eBooks, and other digital content. One of the developers of the Spark project introduced the tablet last week, and now he’s posted a Q&A with far more details – including launch details.

Pre-orders for the Spark tablet will start next week, and the tablet is expected to ship in May. The team will ship the tablet from Europe initially, but orders will be open to anyone anywhere in the globe. The idea is to also find retail partners in the US and other regions.

The Spark tablet will run Mer, the community-based version of MeeGo Linux with the KDE Plasma Active software environment. The software will all be open source and the idea is to release a tablet that’s as open as possible.

The bootloader won’t be locked, so if you want to change or modify the operating system or kernel, you can.

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Linux on ARM