ARM Is Very Busy In The Next Kernel With A Lot For NVIDIA Tegra, Snapdragon 835 & More

2018-Oct-30 | Tags: SoCcompatibilitykernelnvidiaqualcomm

Linux on ARMThe pull requests adding new ARM chip/SoC support and various platforms/boards were merged on Monday evening. For this Linux 4.20 (or 5.0) kernel cycle there is a lot of new hardware support, especially among the popular ARM SBCs. NVIDIA Tegra upstreaming bits is also another big standout for this kernel.

It's been a busy cycle for ARM with 965 change-sets queued and pulling from 101 downstream branches. Among the interesting work that's now queued for this next Linux kernel includes:

- Many NVIDIA Tegra improvements. Linaro's Arnd Bergmann noted that Tegra has now seen more changes for this kernel than it had in the two years since Linux 4.9.

- Support for the Goldelico GTA04A5 phone... A newer motherboard for going into the OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner era devices.

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Linux on ARM