More Details Emerge on the Fully Open 'Spark' Tablet

2012-Feb-04 | Tags: other_linuxsparktabletvivaldi

Linux on ARMEver since the news broke last weekend that a fully open tablet is on the way, the excitement has been tangible in the Linux community. I wrote about the tablet on Monday, but since then KDE developer Aaron Seigo has revealed a number of new details. There's plenty of good news to share, including the fact that you can preorder one as early as next week; the main bad news as far as I can see is that you'll have to wait until May to actually get the thing.

Ready for an update? Here's a rundown of what we know so far.

1. Availability

Preorder registration for the Spark tablet will begin early next week, as I said, with shipping of the product expected for May.

“This was one piece in the puzzle that was taking a bit longer than I had hoped for to come together, but it's finally slotted in and our distribution partner has got the necessary infrastructure settled,” wrote Seigo in a blog post on Thursday.

More details on preorders and the distribution strategy for the product will be unveiled soon, Seigo added.

Though the project is focusing primarily on Europe initially, shipping will be available worldwide. The project is also looking for retail partners outside of Europe to broaden the tablet's availability, Seigo said.

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