What Linus Torvalds really thinks about ARM processors

2019-Feb-25 | Tags: analysis

Linux on ARMIn a recent post, Torvalds shared some thoughts about ARM processors and servers, and people thought he was dismissing ARM's future on servers and the cloud. Here's what he really meant.

In a relatively obscure processor web forum, Real World Technologies, Linus Torvalds shared his thoughts on why x86 took over the server market and ARM is unlikely to be as successful.  A few people immediately thought Torvalds was saying you should forget about ARM in servers. That's not what he said.

First, Torvalds explained why he doesn't think cross-platform CPU development, such as that between x86 and ARM, works well. "I can pretty much guarantee that as long as everybody does cross-development, the platform won't be all that stable." He went on:

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Linux on ARM