With Rising Arm Core Counts, Linux 5.1+ ARM64 Images Default To 256 Cores Support

2019-Mar-09 | Tags: 64bitkernel

Linux on ARMAs a change in acknowledging the increasing Arm SoC core counts as more vendors take stabs at higher-end server chips, the default 64-bit Arm (ARM64 / AArch64) kernel image as of Linux 5.1 will default to supporting 256 CPUs compared to the current default limit of 64 CPU cores.

This change is about making the default kernel configuration more relevant to systems with increasing Arm core counts in NR_CPUs is now bumped from 64 to 256. Arm developers made the default NR_CPUS change for the default ARM64 Linux kernel configuration with already there are shipping ARM64 platforms having 256 threads and only more to come.

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Linux on ARM