ARM64 To Finally Broadcast Its Spectre State Via Sysfs, Prep For Neoverse & SVE2

2019-May-08 | Tags: developmentkernelx86

Linux on ARMLongtime Linux kernel developer Will Deacon sent in the 64-bit ARM (ARM64 / AArch64) architecture changes on Monday for the in-development Linux 5.2 kernel. Among the changes for ARM64 worth pointing out with this next version of the Linux kernel are:

- ARM64 will finally display the state of any Meltdown/Spectre mitigations via sysfs, matching what x86/x86_64 and other architectures have been doing since last year... Now it will be much more convenient on Linux 5.2+ for seeing what CPU vulnerability mitigations are relevant/active or not on the particular 64-bit ARM hardware. Showing up with Linux 5.2 on ARM64 is Meltdown, Spectre V2, and Speculative Store Bypass (SSB).

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Linux on ARM