Genode OS 19.05 Adds 64-bit ARM, Uses C++17 By Default

2019-May-29 | Tags: 64bitdevelopmentembedded

Linux on ARMFor those intrigued by the Genode open-source operating system framework and its microkernel abstraction layer, Genode OS 19.05 is out this morning as the newest quarterly feature release.

With Genode 19.05 is the introduction of a kernel-agnostic virtualization interface, initial support for 64-bit ARM (AArch64), the new/upgraded toolchain uses C++17 by default with GCC 8.3, and various run-time updates.

The upgraded compiler toolchain uses GCC 8.3 paired with Binutils 2.32 and libstdc++ 8.3.0 while using C++17 as the default C++ language mode for building out the operating system framework. With the addition of AArch64, Genode OS now supports x86, x86_64, ARM 32-bit, ARM 64-bit, and RISC-V.

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Linux on ARM