Linux 5.4 Adds Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Supports Some Newer ARM Laptops

2019-Sep-17 | Tags: SoCkernellaptopqualcomm

Linux on ARMThe ARM SoC platform and driver changes landed on Monday during the first full day of the Linux 5.4 merge window. There is some exciting ARM hardware support improvements for this kernel while doing away with some older platforms.

Highlights of the ARM changes merged into Linux Git on Monday include:

- Support for the Snapdragon 855 by the mainline Linux kernel but at this point only the Qualcomm SM8150 MTP reference platform is supported and not any Snapdragon 855 products.

- Support for the ASpeed AST2600 that we should begin seeing on servers / server motherboards in 2020 as a big hardware upgrade over the very common ASpeed AST2500.

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Linux on ARM