Linux 5.4-rc1 Kernel Steps Forward With Next-Gen GPU Bits, Arm Laptop Support & exFAT

2019-Oct-01 | Tags: compatibilitykernellaptop

Linux on ARMIt's coming one day late due to the last minute entropy/RNG patches to improve the random behavior during boot time (among other late patches), but Linus Torvalds has just tagged Linux 5.4-rc1 as what will be the last major stable kernel release of 2019.

See our Linux 5.4 feature overview if missing it from the weekend. Linux 5.4 is bringing new GPU support from Intel and AMD Radeon, long-desired Microsoft exFAT file-system support, Icelake Thunderbolt support is finally in place, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC support, the ability to run mainline kernels on various Arm consumer laptops, better IO_uring support, Logitech Lightspeed receiver support, and a heck of a lot more. See our feature list for all the details.

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Linux on ARM