SDL Picks Up ARM Optimizations For Helping Games On Devices Like The Raspberry Pi

2019-Oct-31 | Tags: COMdevelopmentraspberrypi

Linux on ARMGaming on ARM-based boards like the Raspberry Pi will soon have the potential for running much better thanks to a series of ARM Assembly optimizations that were just merged into SDL2.

Developer Ben Avison has been floating patches since November of last year providing some ARM Assembly optimizations for SDL2. He noticed on the Raspberry Pi there was poor graphics performance as a result of SDL routines.

In a Python game using SDL on the Raspberry Pi 3, the existing SDL implementation led to around a 9.6 FPS average while using the ARMv6 tuning went to 22 FPS and then with the SDL NEON optimizations it hit 27 FPS.

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Linux on ARM