This is what the $265 Spark Linux tablet looks like – video

2012-Feb-11 | Tags: developmentsparktabletvideovivaldi

Linux on ARMThe Spark tablet is a 7 inch tablet that will ship with Linux and the KDE Plasma Active user interface. It’s expected to ship in May for about $265, and it should go up for pre-order soon. KDE developer Aaron Seigo has posted a first video of  Plasma Active running on the tablet. It seems to respond well to touch, and the animated effects look pretty smooth — although there appears to be a little lag in some activities.

Under the hood, the tablet is running Mer Linux, which is the open source continuation of MeeGo Linux. Plasma Active runs on top of that.

The Spark tablet is basically a rebranded version of the Zenithink C71 tablet which has been configured to run Mer and Plasma Active instead of Google Android.

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Linux on ARM