Linux 5.6 Kernel Adding Support For 1st Gen Amazon Echo, Many Other Arm Additions

2020-Feb-09 | Tags: kernel

Linux on ARMThere is a lot of new Arm SoCs and boards/platforms to be supported by the Linux 5.6 kernel. Most notable is the 1st Gen Amazon Echo technically now being supported by the mainline Linux kernel. But the new Arm hardware support includes overall:

- New SoCs supported are the Atmel/Microchip SAM9X60, ST STM32MP15, ST Ericsson AB8505, Unisoc SC9863A, and QualcommSC7180.

- New board support includes the Emlid Neutis SoM, Libre Computer ALL-H3-IT, Pine H64 Model B, SolidRun Clearfog and HoneyComb, Google Coral Edge TPU, and Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

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Linux on ARM