Linux 5.7 Positioned To Retire ARM 32-bit KVM Virtualization Support

2020-Mar-16 | Tags: kernelservervirtualization

Linux on ARMThe upcoming Linux 5.7 kernel is preparing to bid farewell to KVM virtualization support on 32-bit ARM architectures. We've known this execution date was coming for a while and with this next kernel release they are set to drop 32-bit ARM support for the Kernel-based Virtual Machine.

But dropping of this support is unlikely to be missed: 32-bit ARM never took off in the cloud with the lack of any ARM server platform at the time being widely deployed for a number of reasons. The few ARM server setups where KVM at one time or another was used have since transitioned to newer and much more powerful 64-bit ARM platforms, such as within build farms. In any recent times, the 32-bit ARM KVM support perhaps was only used by anyone tinkering with it on an aging ARM SBC but without any serious use-case for 32-bit ARM KVM.

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Linux on ARM