Raspberry Pi Linux Distribution: Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 14

2012-Feb-14 | Tags: fedoraraspberrypi

Linux on ARMSeveral operating systems will be able to run on the Raspberry Pi boards.  However, the Raspberry Foundation had announced that they were working with Red Hat to deliver a Fedora release optimized for the board and Broadcom BCM2835 processor (ARMv6 + hard-float support).

It appears the full name of this distribution is “Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 14″ most probably based on Fedora 14 (as the name implies), and not the latest Fedora 16 release.

This Linux distribution will officially be launched on the 22nd of February 2011 at the  Seneca Centre for the Development of Open Technology in Toronto, Canada during a 2-hour event (15:00-17:00) featuring:

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Linux on ARM