Fedora 33 Looks To Up Its Code Hardening For 64-Bit Arm Systems

2020-May-19 | Tags: 64bitfedora

Linux on ARMFedora has been improving its 64-bit ARM (AArch64) support for quite some time and with this autumn's Fedora 33 release it should be in even better shape. One of the AArch64-specific Fedora 33 changes being planned is enabling support for newer ARMv8.3~8.5-level code hardening features in order to enhance the security.

Making use of Arm's Pointer Authentication is one of those improvements for helping to fend off ROP attacks by signing and verifying pointers. The compiler and kernel support for Arm Pointer Authentication is already mainlined and such, it's just a matter of flipping on the support when building out the ARMv8 software.

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Linux on ARM