ASUS Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Used to Install Ubuntu

2012-Feb-22 | Tags: androidcompatibilitytabletupdate

Linux on ARMThe Eee Pad Transformer Prime runs Android by default, but people have wanted to install Linux on it for quite a while, a wish that has finally become possible. - Littlesteve owns the product and had prepared an Ubuntu build for it even before ASUS finished the bootloader unlock tool.

With said tool becoming available just today (February 22, 2012), the user wasted no time in making the jump to his Linux OS.

This is, essentially, the first native port of an operating system to the Transformer Prime.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is all well and good, but there always seem to be people who want to experiment with alternatives, and they are far from few.

ASUS originally did not intend to even allow such a thing, that is why the bootloader was locked.

The company gave device stability and desire to protect content-owner DRM as the reason behind this stance.

Ultimately, it had to bow down to the will of the extensive developer community and promise the unlocker tool.

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Linux on ARM