Progress on ARM versions of Fedora and openSUSE

2012-Feb-25 | Tags: developmentfedoraraspberrypisuse

Linux on ARMAccording to an email from openSUSE developer Andrew Wafaa, a group of openSUSE developers are working on implementing full support for ARM processor cores in version 12.2 of the distribution, due to be released in July. The email summarises the key points from, and results of, a discussion between developers interested in an ARM port.

The plan is to focus on support for ARMv7 architecture used in the current generation of Cortex processors, but the emails also says that if anyone is really interested in improving support for ARMv5, they should "get stuck in".

According to Wafaa, for 12.2 to be able to support ARM architectures, all outstanding problems arising when compiling software for ARM cores in the Factory developer tree need to be resolved by June 1st at the latest. The email specifies the Pandaboard, which is equipped with an OMAP4 processor with two Cortex-A9 cores, as a reference platform, but notes that the ARM port of openSUSE should also be able to run on other devices.

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Linux on ARM