Talking Spark tablets with KDE developer Aaron Seigo (video)

2012-Mar-01 | Tags: developmentother_linuxsparktabletvideovivaldi

Linux on ARMThe Spark tablet will be the first 7 inch tablet to ship with Mer Linux and KDE Plasma Active software when it launches in May. It’s already available for pre-order in Europe for €200, and developer Aaron Seigo who started the project says when it goes on sale in the US the Spark tablet will likely be even cheaper due to lower taxes in the States.

Seigo and KDE developer Zack Rusin stopped by Liliputing HQ recently to talk about the project. Unfortunately they didn’t have a prototype handy, but Seigo was in Philadelphia for a round of business meetings, so we took the opportunity to talk about free software, tablets, and how people use them.

One of the big ideas behind the project was to create an open tablet using free software. The Spark tablet will ship with Linux software, but it also has an unlocked bootloader which allows anyone to load just about any operating system they like on the hardware.

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Linux on ARM