Raspberry Pi: everything you need to know

2012-Mar-07 | Tags: learnraspberrypi

Linux on ARMWhile many eyes are on Windows 8 at the moment, there's another computing story that could prove to be much more important: the launch of the Raspberry Pi. It's a bare-bones Linux PC that costs a pittance, and it's designed to help encourage kids to code - but it's also powerful enough to handle everyday tasks such as spreadsheets and word processing.

Remember the BBC Micro? The Raspberry Pi could be its 21st Century equivalent.

Where does the Raspberry Pi come from?

The Raspberry Pi is the work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charitable organisation founded in 2009. It's supported by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and tech firm Broadcomm, whose system-on-a-chip powers the device. Speaking to our sister magazine Edge, legendary games developer and Raspberry Pi Foundation head David Braben explained the foundation's mission: "[In Raspberry Pi] you've got quite a powerful, very cheap device that anyone can carry around, take to school, and hopefully do interesting things with that make it seem less like it's purely a school thing.

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Linux on ARM