Triple boot Android, webOS, and Arch Linux on the HP TouchPad

2012-Mar-08 | Tags: androidarchhowtohpinstalltablet

Linux on ARMThe HP TouchPad is capable of running a number of different operating systems. It ships with HP webOS software, but we’ve also seen Google Android and a number of Linux-based operating systems ported to run on the 9.7 inch tablet.

But you don’t have to pick just one operating system and stick with it. You can create a multi-boot setup and choose between operating systems when you power up the tablet.

When you install Google Android 2.3 or Android 4.0 you can (and should) install the Moboot boot manager which lets you choose between webOS and Android at startup.

But xda-developers forum member MikeyCriggz has posted instructions for taking a TouchPad that’s already running Android and webOS and adding Arch Linux to the mix.

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Linux on ARM