Raspberry Pi Linux distro released, but the $35 computer faces new delays

2012-Mar-09 | Tags: raspberrypi

Linux on ARMThe Raspberry Pi foundation has suffered a production setback that could delay delivery of the organization's $35 Linux computer. The manufacturer accidentally used ethernet jacks without integrated magnetics, built-in transformers that provide DC-isolation and help filter noise.

The wrong jacks have been soldered to the Raspberry Pi boards and will have to be removed and replaced before the product can ship to end users. According to the foundation, the ethernet jacks are relatively easy to replace. The problem is that sourcing a sufficient quantity of the right ethernet jacks might take some time. This will be the second time that the Raspberry Pi project has suffered a minor delay due to component sourcing difficulties.

"All the stock of jacks we believed we had in place and ready to turn into the ethernet ports on your Raspberry Pis turn out not to be the correct part, so we’re having to start again and move through the negotiating/ordering/delivery cycle as fast as we can," a representative of the foundation said in a statement on the organization's blog.

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Linux on ARM