"Official" Fedora Linux Remix for Raspberry Pi arrives

2012-Mar-10 | Tags: fedoraraspberrypi

Linux on ARMIt took several weeks longer than planned, but the "recommended" Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer that retails for $35, Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix is finally ready to run.

The distribution designer's Chris Tyler announced the release on March 7th, but the official release came on March 8th. This Linux distribution is based on Fedora 14. This distribution, along with versions of Debian and Arch Linux for the Raspberry Pi, are now available for download.

According to the Raspberry Foundation, "The Remix is a distribution comprised of software packages from the Fedora ARM project, plus a small number of additional packages that are modified from the Fedora versions or which cannot be included in Fedora due to licensing issues - in particular, the libraries for accessing the VideoCore GPU on the Raspberry Pi."

The operating system, which comes as an SD card image "includes a little over 640 packages, providing both text-mode and graphical interfaces (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE)/ XFCE) with an assortment of programming languages, applications, system tools, and services for both environments. There are over 16,000 software packages available from the Fedora ARM repositories which can be easily installed using the Internet to customize your system to meet your needs and interests (again, using either command-line or graphical tools)."

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Linux on ARM