Spark Linux tablet renamed Vivaldi

2012-Mar-16 | Tags: sparktabletvivaldi

Linux on ARMA group of developers at KDE have been working to offer a tablet with free and open source software based on the KDE Plasma Active user interface. Up until recently that tablet was called the “Spark,” but developer Aaron Seigo says that trademark issues have prompted the group to choose another name.

So the tablet-formerly-known-ask-the-Spark is now called Vivaldi.

Seigo also hints that future tablets including the upcoming 10 inch model may also be named after musical greats.

The first 7 inch tablet is expected to ship in May and sells for about €200, although it’s expected to be cheaper if and when it’s available for order in the US.

The Vivaldi tablet is based on the same hardware as the Chinese Zenithink C71 Android tablet, but this version will run Mer Linux with the KDE Plasma Active desktop environment.

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