98 Raspberry Pi Boards Left for Qt Developers

2012-Mar-17 | Tags: developmentraspberrypivideo

Linux on ARMIn November 2011, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced that Nokia purchased codes for 400 boards from the 1st 10,000 batch, in order to give them away to selected developers that are interested in helping develop and test Qt 5 on the Raspberry Pi. This developer program is called QtonPi.

The surprising part if that they struggle to distribute all those boards. Although to date 425 people have been selected, only 302 are currently eligible to receive a board because over 100 developers did not provide their details to receive the free Raspberry Pi board namely:

  • Their full name
  • The link to their wiki user profile.
  • The area of this page where you are listed.
  • The country where the board will be shipped

If by chance, you are reading this blog, have been selected but you can’t see “OK” or “CODE SENT” next to your user ID, you should probably contact them with the details above.

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Linux on ARM