Ubuntu 11.10 ported to Archos Gen8 tablets

2012-Mar-23 | Tags: tabletubuntuvideo

Linux on ARMArchos may not have released Android 4.0 for its Gen8 line of tablets from 2010. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run an up-to-date operating system on the Archos 43 or Archos 101 Gen8.

Xda-developers forum member CalcProgrammer1 is porting Ubuntu 11.10 Linux to run on the Archos 43 tablet with a 4.3 inch display. It also works on the original Archos 101 tablet with a 10 inch screen.

Most basic features are working, including the touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth. Screen rotation is also supported.

But CalcProgrammer1 is still working on hardware graphics acceleration and some other features.

While Android is designed specifically for mobile devices including phones and tablets, Ubuntu is a full-blown desktop operating system capable of running desktop apps such as LibreOffice, Firefox, and the VLC Media Player — all of which work on the Archos tablets.

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Linux on ARM