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2012-Apr-02 | Tags: other_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMRapidDisk LX is a custom ARM-based Linux distribution built entirely out of source and inspired by the Cross Linux From Scratch project. Its main and only purpose is to provide RapidDisk functionality as a SCSI Target over a Storage Area Network (SAN).

RapidDisk LX is not designed to offer many features outside of acting as a RapidDisk enabled target. The image size will always be kept relatively small (currently it is at approximately 10 MBytes). The first official stable release will be designed to run on the Raspberry Pi PCB and export as a target via iSCSI. And because I am currently still waiting for my already ordered Raspberry Pi board, the image has only been built for and tested in QEMU.

Download & Installation

You can download the first image of the 1.0 alpha release here. It is a compressed 4 MBytes and uncompressed 9.4 MBytes in size. Everything has been tested except for the iSCSI stuff. I am not sure if that part works...yet. For your reference, I built and installed the iSCSI Enterprise Target module and administration utilities.

Note - I am still waiting for the Raspberry Pi hardware to do some real testing of this image. But you can easily run this image in Qemu, although please understand that your performance will be relatively slow when emulating this image.

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