Raspberry pi Fedora remix running in Qemu

2012-Apr-12 | Tags: fedorainstallraspberrypivideo

Linux on ARMIn anticipation of the arrival of my Raspberry pi I decided that I could wait no longer and decided to have a look at one of the Raspberry pi OS's. Due to the Raspberry pi having an arm processor, running the Raspberry pi Fedora remix within virtualbox would not be possible.

So I had to use some other method. After a few hours of tinkering with QEMU and creating a kernel image for the Raspberry pi I had managed to get the Fedora remix running. This tutorial takes you through that process step by step, and at the end you should have a fully functioning Raspberry pi Fedora remix Virtual machine to play with.

Raspberry pi Fedora remix running in Qemu - YouTube

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Linux on ARM