Updated Debian, Arch Linux ARM images

2012-Apr-21 | Tags: archdebianraspberrypi

Linux on ARMLiam has just uploaded new versions of the Debian and Arch Linux ARM distributions to our mirror system. Head on over to the downloads page. The Debian image contains the following updates to the prior 13-04-2012 release:

  • Dom’s overscan adjustments
  • Dom’s ALSA driver
  • re-enable 1600×1200 output (regression in 13-04-2012 release)
  • boot file tidyup – and remove test cmdline file
  • vcgencmd provides a version number
  • fixes for EDID parsing
  • drive DMT modes in DVI modes by default, even if HDMI is reported as supported
  • some initial packages that might make setting up Wi-Fi possible
  • includes the non-free software source (nothing from it though) – useful for Wi-Fi firmware
  • the latest snapshot of the Qt5 code
  • a small package that will allow Raspberry Pi to be used as for Qt5 development out of the box
  • Raspberry Pi wallpaper on white background
  • LXDE theme for user “pi” is now “mist” (performance improvement)
  • a new Python IDE “spe” and related tools

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