Support for TonidoPlug 2 Available - Arch Linux ARM

2012-Apr-22 | Tags: arch

Linux on ARMWe're happy to announce that we have full support for the TonidoPlug 2 now available, with installation instructions on our main site. Support for this platform comes in our latest Kirkwood kernel, 3.1.10-9, which is in the updated armv5te root filesystem tarball and available for download from the repositories. We've also added support in the kernel for the Marvell SD8786 wireless 802.11b/g/n chip integrated into the device, allowing you to fully utilize the hardware.

The TonidoPlug 2 is a commercial derivative of the USI Topkick device, which comes with a more powerful Armada 300 1.6GHz SoC. For those that have this device, please contact us directly for instructions on getting it running Arch Linux ARM.


TonidoPlug is a tiny, low power, low cost home and small-business server that allows you to access your applications, files, photos, music and media from anywhere via a web browser or mobile applications. You can effortlessly access and share your TonidoPlug's files through native iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows 7 mobile apps.

TonidoPlug comes pre-installed with powerful Tonido Applications - Explorer, WebsharePro, Search and more - all running on top of embedded Linux OS. Additionally, TonidoPlug can be extended by installing new thirdparty applications from the Tonido App store.

Applications and data are always local with the TonidoPlug. Your data and applications are available even if there is no internet connection available to your TonidoPlug and your plug continues to work.

When an external USB hard drive or internal SATA drive is connected, TonidoPlug2 converts it to a NAS storage accessible from Windows/Mac/Linux computers in the local network.

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Linux on ARM