Linaro 12.04 released

2012-Apr-26 | Tags: androiddevelopmentlinaroubuntu

Linux on ARMWe are pleased to announce the release of Linaro 12.04. The Linaro 12.04 release highlights the precision, expertise and talent which all of the Linaro Teams – Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams – use to deliver influential updates and stimulating new features that are integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu.

We, together with our members, partners and community continue to build upon the future of Linux on ARM and the 12.04 release is one more step in the excellent execution of those plans.

"This release integrates the ARM Fast Models. Using Fast Models enables us to engineer and test architectural features well before production silicon chips are available from our members. The most recent major project that is seeing the benefit of this is our work with big.LITTLE integrated kernel switching and KVM (using the Cortex-A15′s virtualization mode)" said Linaro CTO David A Rusling, "these cycle-accurate architectural models are essential in our mission to avoid fragmentation and accelerate our member's time to market."

During the Linaro 12.04 release cycle the Developer Platform Team migrated the Linaro Evaluation Builds (LEB) to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) based images. These new images are built for the ARM hard float (armhf) images and Linaro U-Boot is now based on the latest upstream release – v2012.04.1. Additionally, the Developer Platform images now provide support for the big.LITTLE integrated switcher and A15 Fast Models with KVM kernel, as well as testing coverage of the big.LITTLE project for both the reference and integrated switcher.

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Linux on ARM