£15 ARM Linux computer before Christmas

2011-Sep-16 | Tags: COMraspberrypi

Linux on ARMThe RaspberryPi Foundation, which aims to put computers in front of children for £15, has taken delivery of 50 engineering prototypes, and intends to get the final version to customers by the end of the year. Based in Cambridge and founded by six high-tech high-flyers, the foundation’s aim is to cure the programmer shortage by inspiring people to take up computing in childhood - as Sinclair Spectrums and BBC Micros once did.

“In 1996, the average skill set of someone entering university was a couple of machine code languages and some hardware hacking experience. Now if we have someone that has written a web page we are lucky,” Foundation founder and former University of Cambridge lecture Dr Eben Upton told Electronics Weekly in May.

Seeing its potential outside the UK, educators from the developing world have already beaten a path to the Foundation’s door, cash in hand.

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Linux on ARM