Easy-to-Use ARM System on a Board

2012-May-04 | Tags: COMdevelopmentraspberrypi

Linux on ARMIf you haven't heard of the open platform-friendly, inexpensive Linux-powered computing platform known as Raspberry Pi by now, you will be for years to come. Just as the Altair hailed the era of the personal computer, the Raspberry Pi is ushering in a new era of powerful, stunningly low-cost PCs on a board not much larger than an Arduino Uno.

Think of a traditional PC motherboard with integrated graphics, network, and keyboard/mouse (USB) IO shrunken down to the size and slightly higher cost of an Arduino, and you'll get the idea of what the Raspberry Pi is all about.

Raspberry Pi

Driven by an ARM11 processor, the Raspberry Pi has 256 megabytes of on-board RAM and a hardware-accelerated OpenVG GPU capable of pushing 24 gigaflops of 1080p 30 frame per second goodness. One of the many demos that shipped with the unit I received was an HD video file of the well-known Blender-generated Big Buck Bunny computer animated short. The full-screen video playback of the cartoon was breathtaking. Every detail of every object in every scene was vibrant, sharply focused, and not a hint of aliasing, lag, frame tearing, or artifacts. Each time I showed this portion of the Raspberry Pi demo to family, friends, and tech associates, they couldn't believe such amazing performance was coming from a hardware board that cost less than most.

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Linux on ARM