ARM arrives on servers with Calxeda's Ubuntu demo

2012-May-08 | Tags: calxedaserverubuntu

Linux on ARMCalxeda has shown off a low-power ARM-based server running Ubuntu 12.04, a significant move that ratchets up competition in the chip industry. The Texas-based server designer demonstrated the technology at the Ubuntu Developer and Cloud Summit in Oakland, California on Monday.

It used Ubuntu 12.04 — the most recent long-term support version of the Linux distribution, also known as Precise Pangolin — to run a LAMP stack, along with node.js and Ruby-on-Rails, off a server made of prototype ARM-based EnergyCard compute blades.

"This is a significant milestone for many reasons," Forrester analyst Richard Fichera wrote in a blog post. "It proves that Calxeda can indeed deliver a working server based on its scalable fabric architecture... It also establishes that at least one Linux distribution provider, in this case Ubuntu, is willing to provide a real supported distribution."

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Linux on ARM