ARM Is Taking Over the Lab Desktop: HP Launches t410 Smart Zero Client

2012-May-09 | Tags: desktophp

Linux on ARMHP has just announced today the powerful HP t410 All-in-One (AiO) Smart Zero Client, on its official website. The t410 is featuring new and innovative one-wire Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, while still providing outstanding multimedia performance and a true PC-like experience.

They’re calling it “PC-like” because this is not your average PC with an overpriced hard drive and an overpriced Intel CPU. This unit is driven by a very power-efficient processor using the popular ARM architecture.

HP t410 AiO All-in-One Smart Zero Client

In fact, the system is so efficient that, together with its 18.5” screen, it will consume a maximum of 13 watts and that’s why it is not powered from the usual power socked, but by using a LAN cable with Power over Ethernet technology.

The system can be plugged into any virtual operating infrastructure such as Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft environments.

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Linux on ARM