Dell ARM Servers Promote Ubuntu, Hadoop Partnerships

2012-May-29 | Tags: serverubuntu

Linux on ARMDell is working closely with Canonical (promoter of Ubuntu Linux) and Cloudera (a Hadoopadvocate) to prepare its next-generation ARM servers for so-called "hyperscale" customer environments. Though not available for purchase yet, ARM-based servers from Dell and other PC makers sound promising. The big question: Where is Microsoft and Windows Server amid the expanding ARM-based server discussion?

First, the news: Dell believes ARM-based servers are ideally suited for customers running web front-end and Hadoop environments, "where advantages in performance per dollar and performance per watt are critical."

A small group of Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) hyperscale customers are already testing Dell's ARM-based servers, which leverage processors from ARM Holdings (NASDAQ: ARMH). Dell has yet to announce any official ship dates for ARM-based servers, but Dell claims the "ARM-based server market is approaching an inflection point, marked by increasing customer interest in testing and developing applications."

As a result, Dell says now is the right time to help build an ecosystem of ARM-focused application developers and operating system providers. (Side note: HP also plans to develop ARM-based servers; The VAR Guy is seeking an update from Hewlett-Packard on those plans.)

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Linux on ARM