Porting ARMLinux to Embedded Device and Driver Development

2012-Jun-01 | Tags: developmentdriverembeddedlearn

Linux on ARMWith the development of computer, embedded system has become an important part of computer science and researching focus. Porting embedded OS and developing driver are popular now and there has lots of job at the real industry area. Porting ARMLinux and writing drivers based on S3CEB2410 board is studied in this paper. ARM926T is an efficient low-power RISC core.

S3C2410, which is based on this core and integrated with many devices, is suitable in embedded system. We choose ARMLinux as embedded operation system, S3CEB2410 as software development board. This article describes the porting procedure of ARMLinux to S3CEB2410 and the procedure of device driver development.There are six parts combined into embedded OS development: hardware platform, tool and develop environment, BSP develop , embedded OS modification, driver coding and integration and application realization. This paper describes all parts of process except application realization.Also, using emulating USB network card instead of COM port and network card is well introduced as one of the most important features in this paper...

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Linux on ARM