How to run Ubuntu Linux on the MK802 $74 PC-on-a-stick

2012-Jun-08 | Tags: developmentdrivermk802

Linux on ARMThe MK802 is a tiny PC that looks like a USB thumb drive. While it ships with Google Android 4.0, it's actually pretty easy to convince it to run an alternate operating system. In fact, if you have a properly prepared microSD card, all you need to do is insert the memory card, turn on the MK802, and it will boot Ubuntu 10.04 Linux.

Ubuntu boots very quickly on the little computer, although performance is a little on the slow side. That's not surprising, given the MK802′s relatively anemic hardware. It has a 1.5 GHz Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor and 4GB of storage — pretty much what you'd expect from a 2010-era smartphone.

How to run Ubuntu Linux on the MK802 $74 PC-on-a-stick

While the MK802 won't win any speed awards, it's pretty impressive that this $74 computer can run a full desktop-style operating system at all. While it takes a kind of long time to launch some apps such as and Firefox, they all work pretty well once they're up and running.


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Linux on ARM