ARM Linux Developers Gather Under Linaro

2011-Sep-16 | Tags: freescalelinarosamsungtexas

Linux on ARMNon-profit entity focused on accelerating development of Linux on ARM - More than 150 Linux engineers gathered in Cambridge, England late last month to collaborate on the development of Linux on ARM at the first quarterly Linaro Connect event.

Linaro is a not-for-profit open source software engineering company founded by ARM, IBM, TI, Samsung, Freescale, and ST-Ericsson. The company is said to be currently working on consolidation and optimization of Linux on ARM SoCs (System on a Chip).

The Linaro Connect event is described as a quarterly, week-long engineering event that brings together the Linaro engineering team, Linaro members, and others in the ARM Open Source community to work on the future of Linux on ARM. The events are a mixture of presentations, topic-based summits, and software engineering sessions.

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Linux on ARM