Ubuntu 12.04 (and Lubuntu 12.04) images for the MK802 mini PC

2012-Jun-14 | Tags: mk802ubuntu

Linux on ARMJust in case you had any doubt that the MK802 $74 PC-on-a-stick was a versatile computer, the folks at Miniand Tech have compiled several versions of Ubuntu 12.04 Linux that can run on the little computer.

We’ve already demonstrated that the MK802 can handle Android 4.0 (which it ships with), Puppy Linux, and Ubuntu 10.04. But if you want a more up-to-date and full-featured operating system, Ubuntu 12.04 is hot off the presses. It was released in late April.

Miniand Tech is currently offering a few different versions of Ubuntu. There’s the standard build featuring the Unity desktop environment and a Lubuntu build featuring the light-weight LXDE environment.

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Linux on ARM