Kontron to launch new ARM-based embedded products

2011-Sep-16 | Tags: embeddedfreescaleintelx86

Linux on ARMKontron announced it will release its first computer on modules (COMs) based on single- and multicore ARM processors later this year. Featuring support for operating systems including Linux and Windows 8, the COMs will be followed up in 2012 by ARM-based single board computers, plus tablet, box, and HMI (human machine interface) PCs, says the company.

German embedded device manufacturer Kontron has delivered some ARM-based products in the past, such as its ARM9-based Pico Client HMI panel PC. It also recently introduced some products based on the Power Architecture Freescale QorIQ processors, including its AM4120AMC module.

However, the vast majority of the company's vertically oriented products, especially at the module and SBC level, have been x86-based. These include the popular, Intel Core processor-based ETXexpress-PC PP module (pictured), released earlier this year.

Now, Kontron says it is embarking on a major "strategic entry into ARM architecture," prompted by more powerful ARM processors, and their more widespread software support. In particular, the company noted the upcoming support of Microsoft's Windows 8.

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Linux on ARM