Nvidia responds to Torvalds by citing Linux ARM kernel contributions

2012-Jun-20 | Tags: developmentdrivernvidia

Linux on ARMCHIP DESIGNER Nvidia has replied to Linux founder Linus Torvalds' stinging criticism over the firm's lack of Linux video driver support by saying that it is one of the biggest contributors to the Linux kernel for ARM architectures.

Nvidia got some harsh criticism earlier in the week when Torvalds said the firm is "the single worst company" he's ever had to deal with while working with Linux. Torvalds' criticism centred around Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching technology, which has at best had patchy Linux support, something Nvidia said has recently been changed to improve its usability.

The firm said, "Recently, there have been some questions raised about our lack of support for our Optimus notebook technology. When we launched our Optimus notebook technology, it was with support for Windows 7 only. The open source community rallied to work around this with support from the Bumblebee Open Source Project. And as a result, we've recently made Installer and readme changes in our R295 drivers that were designed to make interaction with Bumblebee easier."

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Linux on ARM