Linux distributions that can run on an MK802 Mini PC

2012-Jul-07 | Tags: fedoramk802other_linuxubuntu

Linux on ARMThe MK802 is a tiny computer that looks like a USB flash drive, and which ships with Google Android 4.0 and sells for around $80 or less. It's designed to be something you can plug into a TV to surf the web, watch video, and play games on the big screen.

But over the past few weeks, we've also seen a number of Linux-based operating systems ported to the MK802. That's because it's very easy to load an operating system onto a microSD card and boot from that card. Pop it out and the MK802 will run Android again.

Software development for the MK802 is still in the early phases. There's no Linux support for the Mali 400 graphics chip, for instance. But there are already a number of surprisingly useful versions of Linux that can run on the MK802, offering 720 and 1080p screen resolutions, support for Firefox and Chromium web browsers, office suites, and all sorts of other popular Linux software.

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Linux on ARM