Linaro 11.09 released

2011-Oct-03 | Tags: androidlinaroubuntu

Linux on ARMThe Linaro Team is pleased to announce the release of Linaro 11.09, the Linaro's fourth release delivered on a monthly cadence. This release includes components delivered by all Linaro Teams: Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams. As usual, it brings a lot of updates and new features, integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu.

Among the improvements brought by this release and delivered by Linaro engineers, it worths mentioning:

  • Beta release of our Continuous Integration (CI) Build Service focused on continuous large scale kernel tracking. This is a first step in support of the new Kernel Working Group developement model based on a stable tree and continuous integration of the Working Groups and Landing Teams Kernel.
  • Ubuntu based image distribution format has seen a big improvement through the arrival of hardware packs v2. This new format will allow more flexibility in shipping our growing board support alongside our hardware independent Ubuntu based images.
  • On the hardware enablement front, both Android and Ubuntu images have seen good improvements on most of our primary target boards. This includes the availability of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for Android PandaBoard builds and audio (ALSA UCM) on our Ubuntu builds with proper kernel support.


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Linux on ARM